What drives and motivates you to succeed?

I love a challenge and I remember when I was younger always being a skinny guy, I thought that I would really love to stay lean but put on more muscle and get stronger. I will never forget about 13 years ago an older guy at the gym who was an absolute monster, looked at me in my golds gym stringer and said “maybe one day that might fit you”. I just remember how driven I was to prove him wrong rather than prove him right, It was what I needed to hear at that time to get me where I am now. I have a crazy work ethic and I believe in my own ability to be able to achieve anything in life that I put my mind too. 

Tell us a bit about you.

I used to play amateur football from the age of 6 right up until I was 16 where I took a really bad injury and wasn't able to play anymore. At the time I was spending at least 14 hours a week playing and practising football so I needed something else to fill this void, this is where the gym came in for me. I instantly fell in love with training and trying to make myself look better and lift more.


How does PhD Nutrition help you make the difference?

The Difference in my opinion behind PhD are the people behind the scenes who came up with a company to help athletes get the most from their physiques. PhD Nutrition provides products for athletes that actually work and help athletes recover and perform better than before. The quality of PhD Nutrition ensures that you’re buying what it says on the label, but also the taste is by far the best in the market. This makes it a more enjoyable experience whilst providing your body with everything it needs to develop and grow. The vision and the people behind PhD Nutrition are the difference. Giving the consumer what they want but also what they need.