The Smart Range Variety Box

From £12.99

The Smart Range Variety Box

From £12.99

Box Contains:

  • All 4 flavour single serving Smart Protein™ sachets.
  • 2 of the top selling protein bars - Smart Bar™.
  • 2 of the new, oven baked flapjacks - SmartJack™.

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    Smart Protein™

    PhD Smart Protein™ is a deliciously versatile protein powder, which has been formulated with fantastic taste and texture.

    Weather you use it to create a delicious mousse, use it to bake, or simply as a shake, Smart Protein™ can be used any time of the day to create high protein treats.

    The variety box includes all a single serving sachet of all 4 delicious flavours.


    Smart Bar™

    Smart Bar™ is an amazing tasting bar, even by confectionery standards. Contains a super-soft protein centre that is coated in gooey caramel and protein crispies which truly delivers that satisfying crunch texture when you take a bite.

    Smart Bar™ delivers 20 grams of quality protein and less than 2g of sugar, all wrapped up in under 250 calories.

    The variety box includes one of each super popular Cookies & Cream and White Choc Blondie flavour bars.



    SmartJack™ is a delicious, oven baked, high protein flapjack that tastes just how flapjacks should do; wholesome, crumbly and with that delicious home baked taste.

    The intelligent way to get your heart-healthy oats and multi-functional protein, both helping to deliver on your gym and energy goals, with fewer than 230 calories.

    The variety box includes one of each Blueberry Muffin and Chocolate Peanut flavour flapjacks.

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