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The Art of Balance

A balanced life is essential for a happy life;  a balance within your work/social life as well as diet and fitness. It is important to strike this balance within your work and social life, ensuring that you still find time to see family and friends but most importantly find time for yourself.

Fitness Tips of Successful People.

TOP 10 1) They set GOALS! Long term, short term and daily goals: It's no good just saying 'I want to get healthy', 'I want to lose fat' or 'I'm going to compete in something sometime this year'. It's important to know the specifics, the how, the when and the where? If competing in a physique show, a race or aiming for a particular body fat percentage, start at the beginning....

5 Exercises for a Better Behind

Goblet Squat Muscles Worked: Quadriceps, Glutes & Hamstrings & Calves Hold a kettlebell or dumbbell with both hands close to your chest, keep your elbows out and shoulders back throughout the exercise

Training Mistakes

So you’re slaving away in the gym, you’re cutting your calories, you’re sleeping less and you feel fatigued and run down. You don’t understand it, you’re sure you’re doing all the right things by exercising more and eating less but its having adverse effects- and worse, it’s affecting your sleep.

Postpartum Diet Tips

A good diet after pregnancy is a slow and steady one full of protein, calcium, wholegrains and fruits and vegetables. Consume plenty of anti-inflammatory foods like berries, turmeric, garlic, ginger and green tea- these will help your body to recover and heal.

The Importance of Breakfast

For years everyone has rabbited on about the importance of breakfast. Often people find out I am a nutritionist and they confess, like an ashamed child, that they are one of those dreadful people who can’t stomach breakfast. But why is it so important? What makes a healthy breakfast?

Tips On How to Avoid Overeating After Your Workout

Having just had a great work out, pushed yourself hard, sweated buckets and burnt loads of calories, why do we go and waste all that effort by over eating and over indulging afterwards?

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