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Training for the endurance event of a lifetime!

  How do you train to row across the Atlantic Ocean? If I had a pound for every time someone had asked us how we were preparing for a challenge like ours I would be a very wealthy woman. In truth it's an adventure that is infinitely hard to prepare for. Physically it's very difficult to be ready for an ocean row, in fact none of our training was particularly reflective of what we saw out at sea.

5 ways to work out in a hotel room

If you’re away with work or just having some time out, don’t think your exercise routine has to take a break too. Sometimes you find yourself in hotels that don’t have a gym or have very limited equipment.

More than just Barbells and Bicycles

You will never find me on a cross-trainer. I cannot think of anything worse. But that’s absolutely fine because being fit should be about doing things that we enjoy doing, be that anything from road biking to rock climbing.

How to do your first chin-up

  I remember playing Tomb Raider as a kid, completely awe-struck at Lara Croft’s strength and agility, leaping across ravines and pulling herself up to safety on the other side. It was only years later, when I stepped into the gym with my little Lara-inspired fingerless gym

10 Tips for Training with an Injury

So, you find yourself with an injury which must mean that training is off the cards for quite some time now, right? Wrong. There’s no need to let an injury set you back from your goals. It’s possible to work around it and actually have a fun and rewarding experience whilst doing so.

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